Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quite White

Well first up I must mention my mother's show that opened to great success last Thursday night, 
otherwise I'd be a shameful daughter. 
She curated an all white group art show at the Loretta Howard Gallery on 26th street in Chelsea.  
It's title, THE JANUARY WHITE SALE, is pretty genius and the show was too.

Of course when I arrived I could barely squeeze into the elevator to get to the gallery, and once in, it took sincere effort to focus 
solely on the work as the place was literally mobbed with people. Many of whom , I'm certain, had just wandered it to see where everyone was going. 

Like my mother's other shows, she's curated seven now, this one had a great theme to bind the art together. Yet unlike the others  this theme really let the work speak for itself. The purity of the white pieces forces the viewer to really appreciate the  form and materiality even when faced with a giant jock strap or a roll of toilet paper.

White is also my mother's favorite color, so it felt so utterly Beth and you can't go wrong with that. 
Many came up to me with huge praise for what they thought was  her best show yet.  I of course love all of her shows, but this one had an ethereal quality that was undeniably compelling.  

And, as if part of the show, an early day snow left a perfect 
blanket of white outside the gallery's terrace where 
the oversized "cup" nestled peacefully.

After the show all hustled down to the oh so hip Jane Hotel to enjoy drinks and dancing with sweet DJ Erin Krause at the helm.

I often rely on my mother to  gather an awesome mix of cool, interesting and strange people together in one night and this was no exception...

For the best pics of the opening and the party see patrick mcmullan's website, of course.

credit to Loretta Howard's website for 
unknowingly supplying these photos.. thanks

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